Monday, September 8, 2008

Korea in August

Woke up one morning to this bright orange glow coming through the windows. I got up and took this picture of the valley from the window.

Saw this guy while walking through the gardens that lead to the hiking trails

One of the local gardens checking me out as he plucked chili peppers.

A make-shift garden lounge. These are set up throughout the local gardens and the farmers like to enjoy a Hite or soju in the evenings after baking in the sun all day. I usually hear them laughing up a storm returning from a late afternoon hike.

I was sitting in the living room when this guys' feet appear on the sliding glass door of our balcony. No fancy harness or ropes for this cat. He had a simple metal framed seat with rope wrapped around it (acting as the actually seat). To bold for my blood.

These roads cut through the valley floors provided access to the rice fields for the farmers. The make nice walking or bike paths, too.

Went a bit off the pavement and spotted this insect. It was a cross between a grasshopper and a locust. Roughly 5 inches in length.

These hairy guys are all over the place. I watched for a bit as he pulled webbing from his rear and stretched it out, then placing it quickly to expand his web.

Toward the end of my bike ride I came across this old Korean guy building a totem to the 2008 Bejing Olympics. I was a bit odd that he was building it next to a creek with loose rock and concrete, but that's how things go in Korea. No real regulation on a lot of the things we would get a ticket for in the US.

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karmaking said...

Amazing pics. I especially like the painter dude and the sunrise. Keep 'em coming.