Monday, April 21, 2008

Bulguksa Temple in Spring

Just another wacky sighting in Korea

A hobbit's abode

Sarah scrolling over the map of Bomun Lake.

Cherry Blossom Row

An old stone canal

A couple getting their photos taken with the blossoms

Walking around the touristy part of Bulguksa, only no one was around.

Bulguksa Temple

No entry this way

Peeking through a pagoda

Bulguksa again

Magnolias and Cherry Blossoms

A tradional broom

Self portrait

The ever present swastika

Squatting in the shade

Another couple shot
Looking out over the grounds.

Descending the steep steps

Relaxing into the view

Willow Tree and Cherry Blossom

An old stone arched bridge.

Sarah in colorful spring scene

Grounds keepers quarters. Pretty nice pad.

One of the many Buddhas inside the numerous temple on site.